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5 Plates Assorted Veg & Chicken Momo


A handpicked mix of our Chicken and Vegetarian Momos. Now in a 5-plate-bundle – perfect for the whole family.

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Our momos – a traditional Nepali and Indian food – are not only cute but also incredibly tasty! We’re talking dumplings, stuffed with tasty sautéed veggies and spiced with aromatic ginger and garlic. Studded with crumbled tofu and wrapped up in a cute little bundle, steamed, and delivered right to your door!

Reading all that has surely made you hungry! No worries, if you order this 5-plate-bundle, not only will you have enough momos to stuff yourself with until you’re ready to explode (they’re that good), but you’ll get them delivered to your door for free! Experiencing South Asian cuisine is that easy!

We recommended enjoying your momos with our mouth-watering Achar sauce. Made with fire-roasted tomatoes, aromatic herbs, fresh lime juice, and a little spicy kick, it adds a whole new level of rich flavor to your dumplings.

So why not give our momos a shot? We’ll be more than happy to serve you!