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Make Your Mealtime Fun with Savory Momos!


Whoever said, “Momos are life!” is absolutely right. Coming from Nepali palate tradition, momos are one of the most delicious recipes which are famous all around the world. This South Asian cuisine is loved by Asians, but it rules the hearts of many foodies.

If you haven’t heard yet about what momos are, let us introduce these to you. These cute dumplings have a perfect blend of spices that entices their aroma and gives them an ideal flavor. They have a mix of spices and herbs along with their core ingredients. The momo experts mold them using wraps that give momos their flawless texture. 

How can you make your mealtime fun with dumplings?

This quarantine has made people try out different things that resulted in mind-blowing products and lifted their mood! It was their gateway to happiness. People have become more inclined to explore traditional cuisines and celebrating culture. That’s where our momos enter into the picture! 

To make your mealtimes fun, you can try out the momo recipe! You can enjoy making these aromatic dumplings with your family. Or, you can order them via our store. We deliver them right next to your dinner table with a tinge of Nepali tradition. You can admire this South Asian food with expert momo recipes from our chefs! 

The package comes with its complimentary momo achaar, which emulsifies its taste. 

Let us bring the real taste to you!

What We Have in Our Store: 

We have kept all sorts of foodies in mind and have come up with the exciting combo of: 

Chicken Momo: Chicken Obsession Special 

Chicken momo is our specialty. We take pride in creating finger-licking perfect recipes that strike your heart. We follow the traditional recipe with added goodness. 

Here you will observe a perfect blend of minced ground chicken with Nepali extract spices and sautéed vegetables. The stuffing is garnished with ginger and garlic indulged with tofu (paneer) for an extravagant flavor. We stuff the filling into a cute dimpling wrap and serve them with spicy chutney!

Vegetable Momo: Veg Lover Special

For all the vegetarians out there, it is your chance to get the best momos ever! 

Freshly picked vegetables are sautéed and seasoned with the best spices that savor your taste. The dumplings are then garnished with crushed aromatic ginger garlic, giving it a traditional touch. The filling is then blended with crumbled tofu and wrapped in a cute half-moon shape. 

Momo Achaar / Chutney:

With momos, we highly recommend you to please your taste buds with our heavenly momo sauce. This incredible sauce has roasted tomatoes, fresh lime juice, rejuvenating herbs, and traditional spices. The perfect blend of these ingredients creates a mouth-watering sauce that elevates your food experience! 

We bet that our description already tempts you. Order your momos now!

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What’s Better? Homemade Momos or HappyD Momo:

We have asked our customers, and they have rated us the best momos. Our chicken momo dumplings are incredible, both in taste and appearance. We make sure that the aroma, taste, and appearance stay on point. 

Our recipes are driven straight from the Nepali tradition. We promise to bring the true essence that ties you to the original culture. Find the best momo recipe at the HappyD momo kitchen and experience true pleasure. 

Why are Momos so Tempting and Hard to Resist?

Many cultures and traditions have adapted to momos. The core reason is that they are exceptionally hard to resist. HappyD momo serves the best, and here’s what we do to keep the taste so incredible:

Perfect Blend of Spices

We have chosen perfect spices and herbs, drawing from the country of origin. We measure and add the appropriate amounts of spices enough to make it mouth-watering. 

Ideal Stuffing and Mixing 

We exactly know how you need your momos to be like. We make sure that the stuffing stays intact, and you get the perfect blend all the time.


We mold them into beautiful contours and patterns, assuring that the stuffing remains secured inside excellently.

On-point Steam 

We know how much steam it needs. Our momos are not too soft or too hard.

Dishing out (achaar)

Finally, our momo achaar compliments the platter with its goodness.